Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Twirling Spaghetti Fork Twirls Your Noodles for You

27th Jan 2015

  Why twirl your own spaghetti when you don’t have to right? Right! The Twirling Spaghetti Fork by Hog Wild will assist you with you with your laziness… erm, I...

Cobb's Totem

Inception – Cobb’s Totem / Stainless Steel Spinning Top Spins for 5 minutes!

26th Jan 2015

If you’ve seen the movie “Inception (2010)” then you probably know what Cobb’s Totem is. In the movie, Dominic Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) uses the spinning top as his “Totem” to test...

Letto Zip

Letto Zip – The Bed that Practically Makes Itself!

26th Jan 2015

Making your bed in the morning has never been so easy! Letto Zip’s built-in zipper cover feature allows you to zip up your bed when you’re not using it; saving...


Microsoft HoloLens – Welcome to the World of Holograms

26th Jan 2015

Introducing Microsoft HoloLens, your ticket to a world filled with holograms. HoloLens seamlessly blends your world with the digital world in a way you’ve probably only dreamt of. Imagine the world...


Earin – The World’s Smallest High-quality Wireless Earbuds

21st Nov 2014

Earin is the worlds tiniest set of wireless ear buds. These high-quality Bluetooth ear buds are sleek, compact and portable and have no cables! Let’s face it… nobody likes to...


Sriracha2Go – Take Your Favourite Hot Sauce With You Everywhere!

17th Nov 2014

Love your Sriracha sauce? Now you can take it with you and use it for every meal with the Sriracha2Go! Only 4.5 inches tall and 1.6 inches wide, Sriracha2Go is...

Anchor Bracelet

Anchor Bracelets – Luxurious Wrist-wear with Alloy-Plated Anchors

05th Sep 2014

The Anchor Bracelet brings both style and luxury with it’s polished brass, silver or gold-plated anchors. Due to a small variety of accessories for men, Artem Starotenko was inspired to create this...

2015 IKEA Catalog

2015 IKEA Catalog – Hilarious Apple Commercial Spoof!

05th Sep 2014

2015 IKEA Catalog is not a digital book, or an E-book…. it’s a bookbook! This is the funniest commercial I’ve seen in a while because of the amount of absurd detail...


Bug-A-Salt Will Shoot Away Your Pesky Fly Problems

04th Sep 2014

Bug-A-Salt is the only solution to getting rid of those pesky flies quickly. Load it up with a bit of salt, aim and POW! A cluster of salt launches right...


ButterUp Knife Let’s You Smoothly Spread Your Butter Every Time!

26th Aug 2014

Butter frustration… What is that you say? It’s when you try to spread your butter on your toast/bagel/ or whatever it is that you eat for breakfast and you can’t...

Bubble Wrap iPhone 5 Case

Bubble Wrap iPhone 5 Case – Bubble Popping Sensation That Never Ends!

04th Dec 2013

The Bubble Wrap iPhone 5 Case is guaranteed to be the most satisfying phone case you will ever own. There’s just something about bubble wrap that makes it so sensational...

Mykonos Design Visus Watch

Visus Watch by Mykonos Designs – A Watch With No Moving Hands?

30th Nov 2013

A typical analog watch uses two or three moving hands to distinguish the time. The Visus Watch has no moving hands. Instead, Mykonos Designs introduced a new innovation with the...


Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder Brings Retro to Your Bathroom

30th Nov 2013

Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder dispenses toilet paper like an instant Polaroid camera. The only difference between this product and a real Polaroid camera is that no film or batteries...

Urban Shelf

Urban Shelf Becomes Your Bedside Shelf Buddy For Quick Access to Items

21st Nov 2013

Urban Shelf is a foldable bed-side shelf for holding small, convenient items such as your phone, remote control, keys, glasses, wallet, etc. That way, you won’t ever have to leave...

Flip Alarm Clock

Flip Alarm Clock Will Make Sure That Your Alarm Always Goes Off

21st Nov 2013

Have you ever set your alarm clock, only to find out that it didn’t go off the next morning when it was supposed to? Then you’re probably late for something...